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Who the? What the?

First, my logo is a pigeon because I freakin' love pigeons. You see flying rats, I see streetwise little spitfires who can have a busted wing and trash stuck to their foot and still strut around like the queen of England. Also, I WILL show you pictures of pugs. Forcefully, if necessary.  

Second, I love this city. In Philly, you don't just live in a house -- you also live on a block with its own look, feel, and tempo. If you're ready to buy, I'll help you find the right neighborhood, block, and house. If you're ready to sell, I'll use the same focus to get the right buyers for your property. You get 20+ years in Philly, three years rehabbing houses, and four years of municipal experience to help you make the best choices when it is time to buy or sell Philadelphia real estate. 

Third, just about everything worth doing should start with coffee and end with beer.

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